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•  Practising physiotherapy for 30 years

•  University of Ulster qualified with an honours degree in Physiotherapy.

•  Worked in Saudi Arabia for several years

•  Practised in Atlanta, Georgia for 15 years

Established in 2001, Comber Physiotherapy Clinic is owned by Patricia Finlay. Patricia is a

Chartered Physiotherapist and the regional officer of Physio First in Northern Ireland.

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"When Patricia opened her practice in Comber, I had already been in constant pain for several years.  My movement was also severely impaired.  I had been told I would have to live with a level of pain that completely ruled my life.  I could not sit in a chair for more than a few minutes without excruciating pain and both standing and walking were equally difficult.


Patricia has been treating me ever since and the results have surpassed anything I could have hoped for.  My pain is now at a minimal level.  I have almost normal movement and instead of Patricia having to spend her time managing my pain, she has now progressed to strengthening and returning my muscles to normal movement.


I have no hesitation in recommending Patricia Finlay.  Apart from her considerable skills as a physiotherapist, she is also a very caring person whose empathy for her patients sets her apart."

- Paddy

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